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Very awesome and mind blowing experience; looking forward to dis years own

Cole Godsfavour


Very awesome and mind blowing experience; looking forward to dis years own

Cole Godsfavour

An organisation for God

CMN as an organisation and through their programmes can truly be defined as success story. YVF itself was an unforgettable experience coupled with all the programmes that were planned to improve on us musically and spiritually. Our trip to Daystar Christian Centre proved the organisation and high class of the choir. At our concert we sang joyfully and with all our hearts. The programme was truly a complete package in one and I’m looking forward to the next one

Olude Toluwalase


Yvf was wonderful experience, even though it was my first it was amazing i really enjoyed because all my friends were there and the teachings blessed me alot . There was an excursion to daystar church and the service was amazing . I had alot of fun and i trust that this years own would be much better

akpan udeme

wonderfully expressing

So yvf was a true blessing. It started when i was in year two and I have never been so happy to attend such a programme. Everything about it was amazing,expressive and beautiful. We came closer and bonded over music. I can’t believe the amount of people that turned up, we had to start looking for beds.
I’m especially grateful for the guest speakers that came to bless us with their teachings and their exceptionally beautiful voices . They made me rethink my life.
All in all it was amazing and wonderful.

Akpan Edidiong

Truly Inspiring…

YVF 2017 completely exceeded my expectations in every way down to the food, the activities, the guest speakers, etc. Last year was amazing thanks to those who planned it and though I don’t see how we could top last year, I’m grateful to be part of the organisers for this year’s program. YVF is a spectacular God-oriented program that enables kids and teens develop and showcase their talents through ministration. It was a hundred percent success last year and I can’t wait for this year’s program.

Oreoluwa Orawusi


YVF 2017 was an eye opener for me!!
I had such an amazing experience sharing my talent with others. It was an opportunity to enhance our musical skills and to interact with other children from other schools.
It was also an avenue to experience the power of teamwork, in sharing the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.
I feel so privileged to have been a part of this amazing experience

Idunu Adefarakan

A right decision

Ever since the day we had been informed about the BIG program I had been elated.I counted the days until at last it was time,and getting there I wasn’t disappointed at all.
Aside from YVF being a wonderful way for everyone to connect and have fun it was also very educational and exciting. We were taught morals that have now impacted our lives positively.
YVF was a wonderful experience and I thank God and the people who directed it. I look forward to the next ones.



YVF!. IT was a wonderous 3 day experience. It was amazing, enlightening and just blessed. It was fun filled and at the same time served its purpose, bringing young children and teenagers together to worship the lord and to spread gospel music. I really enjoyed myself because it was free and organised. we were allowed to enjoy ourselves but not get carried away. I made new friends and will always be thankful that I went. YVF #GOD

Orisunayo Akinniran

Wondrous God! YVF rocks!

My best worship experience. Every day was exciting. I learnt a lot. I played Tim Godfrey ahaa! with Godfavour. I can’t wait for the next YVF session to start. Thank God this time I am coming with my sister. Halleluyah!

Oluwadamilola Samuel


YVF has been a very interesting program organised by Church Music Network (CMN). I’ve learnt a lot from it, which includes how to be a good leader, how to use my God given talents for good, especially in praising God. I’ve also learnt not to take my talents for granted because when I use my talents I’m not only entertaining people, I’m also ministering to them, blessing them and transforming lives. I would like to appreciate all the organisers of YVF,the sponsors and my wonderful and ever faithful facilitators. Thank you for helping me to discover how priceless music is. May God bless the works of your hands in Jesus name.Amen.

Ashilokun Temiloluwa


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