Hit Da Heavens Concert

It is a privilege to be a part of what God is doing in our ministries and especially in a ministry. Church Music Network is not just a leading ministry but importantly, it is a ministry with a mandate to redefine church music.

In the use of the word vision we refer to the focus and objective that Church Music Network CMN is set up by God Himself to achieve His aim. The Lord has placed in our heart a great burden to recreate the Altar of praise, and to foremost impact with the knowledge of what God intends with church music. Youths are characterized by strength and exuberance. The bible warns against allowing our youth to cause us forget our destiny and creator. Without doubts, CMN Choir and members encompasses of youth and young adult with like minds and the ultimate goal, which is Christ, redefining the Altar of praise and worship.

We ascribe all glory unto God who as always proved Himself in our worship encounters and programmes. This has opened us to diversify into other musical areas such as discovering hidden potentials and gifting. Our programme has drawn people from all works of life. The beauty and setup of what we do as always-flanged people to deep sincere worship of God. As a product of the Christian family, it is my uttermost desire to exhibit our God’s given grace. We hereby crave your indulgence to support your product as a body of Christ to a greater level of achievement.

Yearly we play host to choirs, ministers, pastors, worship leaders and every individual from different assemblies and denominations as directed by God to Hit the Heavens. In a moment of worship we gather the saints with a purpose of worshiping the sovereign God, and much more experience His glory as in the order of [II chronicle 5. 11 to 14] in obedience to our heavenly mandate and vision. Recreating the Altar of praise, the experience speaks for itself.