You can hire our musicians for weddings, parties, events, and all other sorts of functions.

Church Music Network produces some of the country’s finest musicians.
You can book these musicians for your event – a concert, a wedding, a corporate function, or for any other occasion.
CMN ensembles are available to perform at:
§  Charity events
§  Christmas and Gala Concerts
§  Civic functions
§  Commercial recordings
§  Community events
§  Film scores
§  Orchestral collaborations
§  Weddings

Whether you require
– classical or jazz ensemble background music for your event
– recital soloist or ensemble
– a singer for oratorio
– or a bespoke musical theatre performance
we will endeavour to help you with your request.
Our external bookings service offers you an affordable way of hiring highly talented, young musicians for your party, event, church programme or concert. In addition, you are supporting CMN musicians in the early stages of their performing career by offering them vital experience in a range of different performance environments.
The musical content and performance standards of external bookings are fully supervised by the professorial staff. Our musicians are individually selected for each booking; expect both first-class performances and high levels of professionalism from us.
For further information and to hire CMN for your event, please contact our External Bookings Manager:
Telephone 08069376385
Email info@churchmusicnetwork.org
We also supply singers and musicians to perform in a wide variety of concert series throughout Nigeria: