Church Music Network Choir

The CMN Choir was founded in 2005 by famed musician Oyeneye O. Since its inception it has focused on sacredly uniting church choirs and from the beginning enjoyed a reputation for performing with sensitivity and artistry. 

The mission of the CMN Choir is: to glorify God personally and corporately by upholding and extending a rich tradition of excellence in church music.  Through adversity of choral literature, we aspire to minister the life-transforming power of God’s love and grace to all who hear us.  We strive to live humbly as a ministry of individuals who love and value each other because of our desire to reach others for Him and our understanding of Christ’s love for us as His children.  To God be the Glory.
For years The CMN Choir has taken its mission seriously and its traditions have been upheld and nurtured under the guidance of several respected music ministers.
The choir seeks to bring its listeners closer to the presence of God through the artistry and effort of its members. In doing so, each member’s faith journey is strengthened and broadened by wrestling with sacred music from all time periods.
Today, the CMN Choir continues to perform excellently of the highest quality to diverse audiences. The choir tours regularly throughout Nigeria. Each year the CMN Choir travels across a region of the country bringing with it a growing level of artistry. These tours have brought the Choir to diverse listening populations that have included prestigious concert halls, large and small church communities.   
The choir has performed in renowned places, Church programs, Schools, concerts etc.
CMN,s Choir performs large master-works on a regular basis
The choir membership is derived from sound tutelage and mentoring, all seeking to glorify God through music. The students who make up the choir represent many academic disciplines. However, all members of the choir recognize the important role of the arts for personal development as a part of a liberal arts curriculum.

CMN Ensembles

At CMN there is a choir for every voice!  We have a non-auditioned ensemble and three auditioned ensembles.  Whether you are an experienced singer or if you have never sung in an organized choir before, we have a place for you.  
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